Sociological research (service for a single higher education institution, for the group of institutions or for the whole higher education system)

Finding answers on questions:

a) Students – who are higher education applicants, what is their social background, what are the potential problem of minorities, what are the applicants’ expectations from higher education studies, what is the basic characteristic of the structure of applicant/student bodies etc.

b) Higher education teachers – what is the response of teachers on applicants’ expectations/students’ demands, what are the methods of teaching, how the support of students with special needs is ensured, what are the types of guidance and counselling for students, how the content of studies is designed with respect to the employers’ needs, how the collaboration with external partners is ensured, what is the contribution of such collaboration, etc.

Research can be designed on the basis of the long-term objectives (repeated during the study period) and /or as the short term monitoring for various purposes